What is SEO

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the process of improving your chances of organic leads – leads that have come from searching for a product/service through a search engine, rather than clicking on a link from a 3rd party website. The vast majority of online experiences occur through search engines, and so being able to successfully alter your SEO is crucial to gain more leads and improve your good ranking. Fine tuning your SEO includes a variety of factors:

On-Site Technical – this includes all of Google’s ranking factors that are determined by directly looking at the page, such as Site Speed, Security, Site Map, Mobile Optimisation, Headlines, Page Content and Structure, Text, Colour, Call to Action, and Logo.

Off-Site Technical – this includes all the features that aren’t possible to directly change on the page to increase your Google Ranking, such as quality and relevant backlinks, social media content, and strong link profiles. For an impressive infographic by Shane Barker on the Off-Site Technical Factors, scroll down below **

All of these together are key to making sure that your website pages come up on Google when someone has searched something relevant to your brand and business.

From this, I have created 3 points in each category to focus on to fine tune your own SEO:

On-Site Technical:

  1. Do keyword research to figure out what words are currently being used in your industry to make sure your content is similar to phrases that are being searched.
  2. Make sure that your website is fully optimised across all devices and a helpful website to check your own website speed at is:
  3. Make sure that your font and colours are consistent across your website, and that your word count is around 500 for homepage and between 500-800 for an ‘about’ page.

Off-site Technical:

  1. Essentially, creating perfect content that people will want to share with their network, is the essence of strong off-site SEO. So don’t relinquish the importance of good content across all of your socials.
  2. Ask your customers and clients to give you feedback and ratings across your socials.
  3. Guest blog on other business websites, which will create backlinks to your website.
Off-Page SEO