Web Design Process

Website Worksheet

I ask all my clients to fill out the following Website Worksheet before the initial meeting.  This is to ensure the client has thought about what they want and need from their site so that I can deliver the best and most suitable website for them.

If you are interested in creating a website with me please fill out the worksheet here.

Initial meeting

We want to find as much about you as we can and will go through your requirements to ensure that we can deliver a website which brings value to you and your customers.

The initial meeting can be in person (depending on location) or call.

Proposal sent

The proposal will outline what we have discussed and set out the timeline for the project.

Sitemap created

The site map will be created and sent to you for approval.  This will show the structure of your site, including top-level menus and submenus.

Content delivered

We ask you to deliver content to us before designs are created as this can greatly impact the design.  We will send you a website planner to help guide you through this process.

Wireframe Created

We create a wireframe so you can get a basic outline of your site and how it will function and work for your business. This is so that we know we are on the same page before we make it look pretty…

Design sent

We will send you the initial design for your website.  We allow 2 rounds of amendments to these designs and are confident that you will be happy with the outcome.

Designs approved

The designs must be approved before we go any further with the site build.

Site build

Your website will be built and all links including Social Media and Google analytics will be added.

Site tested

We will put your site up on a staging site so you can see exactly how it looks.

We will test on all current browsers and devices and make sure everything is optimised.

Website put live

Your website will be put live and again tested.

Website Training

We will take you through your site to help you make updates and get a better understanding of how your site works.

30 days – any bug fixes or follow up questions

Once your site is live you will have 30 days to come back to us with any problems. Within the scope of the project, we will make any amendments, for any new requirements, we will quote separately for the work needed to be done.

Care Plan put in place.

We highly recommend taking out a care plan with us.  A care plan ensures that your site is kept up to date, backed up and secure and can include changes included within the timeframe of your plan.  A care plan is a monthly plan which can be cancelled at any time.