Useful sites when creating a theme from scratch

So I am revisiting creating themes from scratch. Of course there’s a huge amount of free and paid for themes out there and a lot are very good, but being a coder, I like to know¬†the ins and outs of themes¬†– which means building my own. For clients who want a quick site put together, I do think using ready made themes have there place, but so that i can create bespoke websites without having to hack apart someone else’s theme i’ve decided to delve deeper into theme development. Here are useful sites and blogs that I have used:

WordPress Codex:
So, it sort of goes without saying that this is the place to start (and finish and everything in between!). So pretty much everything you need to know, and i have no doubt that i will continue to return to this is the WordPress manual after all:

Here are just a couple of their pages that may be useful:


Developer resources

Code reference for -bloginfo/

Theme Review

A really good (if slightly old) theme development tutorial:

Themeshaper WordPress Theme Tutorial

Useful coding sites:
Css & HTML
Html Dog

HTML5 element index

HTML5 Elements

HTML5 Basic template

html5 rocks

html5 template

Php Courses

premium.wpmudev PHP for wordpress basic tutorial

A site I use a lot for paid for – but pretty cheap training is Udemy (look out for promotion codes if buying as they come up regularly):

Here is a list of useful coding resources:

39 Must have WordPress development Tools

Foundation 6

Foundation 6 site

and a few resources when converting foundation to wordpress:



WordPress tv