Tools of the trade

Every business has a set of tools that they use in order to provide the best services they can. From a screwdriver to analytical software – each tool is key to maintaining a consistent performance for customers. 

As you may have guessed, being a web designer, I have no need for power tools! But there are multiple online tools that I couldn’t live without – without them, my job would so much more difficult. Today I’ll be talking through the online tools I use to help myself build the perfect websites.

Better Proposals 

Better proposals, what would I do without you! In my eyes, Better Proposals is one of the most underrated pieces of software that I use. For those who don’t know, Better Proposals is a website for creative businesses to create and send professional proposals to clients. As a web designer this makes life so much easier, as I am able to clearly show my ideas and intentions for a new website for my clients.

The beauty of Better Proposals is that I can track my proposals and check that the client can sign them. This makes it so much easier to get started on building a website as it prevents having to chase up clients to sign the documents. I think we all know the pain of waiting for a long-winded reply via email – but with Better Proposals, that pain is eradicated!

But Better Proposals do not only allow me to send out quality proposals to my clients, it also allows me to template my proposals which allows me to save so much time if I have projects that are similar. Cutting down admin tasks allows me to focus more on producing quality websites, and by templating the proposals, it reduces the time to create them massively!

For anyone who is in the creative industry, I thoroughly recommend Better Proposals. 


If you couldn’t tell by the name, TeamGantt allows me to track the progress of my projects using a Gantt chart. As a business, organisation is key to providing a great service, and TeamGantt is a great way to help stay organised and plan ahead. 

Personally, I think Gantt charts are a great way of staying organised as you are clearly able to identify what has been done and what needs doing for a client – allowing me to plan my work efficiently and effectively. 

However, the organisational part isn’t my favourite aspect of TeamGantt, in my opinion, the best part is the fact that you can invite your clients to collaborate on your charts, allowing them to have a direct input into their project without constant emails being sent back and forth.  I think its safe to say that any business will agree that communication is one of the most important parts of client work.

TeamGantt is free to use – so for any business looking to get more organised, I would consider using them.

Awesome Screenshot

As a web designer, taking screenshots of your websites is important as it allows you to show the client what you are producing but also so you can showcase your work online to bring in new customers. However, you’ll eventually learn that taking a basic screenshot using the print screen button on your keyboard won’t cut it – the reduction of quality fails to show the true beauty of a website. And that’s why I use Awesome Screenshot. 

Awesome screenshot is a google chrome extension that allows you to screenshot and record your website pages without the worry of your image’s quality dropping. As a website designer – you don’t want to send your clients low quality images. 

Furthermore, Awesome Screenshot provides a great annotation system, which makes pinpointing certain aspects of the website so much easier. It’s a great way of showing client an in-depth analysis of their website – giving them a better understanding of your thinking behind the design. 

You can even record with it – so if you need to explain something – and the best way is by showing your screen and talking through – you can also do this!

Awesome screenshot really is awesome!


Milanote is a great tool to get you and your team organised and share ideas and processes. You can upload files, create boards, add to-do lists, notes and comments. There are loads of templates to get you started – everything from a project plan to a mood board, it’s a great tool to use!

Milanote definitely helps me with my creative process.

Free starter plan and then monthly pricing when you add more users or need more storage.

Check it out –


There are a few more software’s I use to create my websites – but I reckon you’ve of the gist of what software’s are needed in order to excel in the website design industry! 

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