Step by step to create a e-commerce site

Steps to install a E-commerce theme:

1. Go to Appearance>Theme > Install theme
2. Create an account at
3. On > view Themes > Find Wootique > add to cart and download
4. Add zip file to desktop
5. Back on WordPress upload themes > get > Install Now > Activate
6. Also download Woodojo –
7. Install plugin > Plugin > Add new > upload > install now > activate
8. Install WordPress SEO by yoast
9. Plugin > add new > Search WordPress SEO by yoast > install now > activate
10. Go to Woodojo (on left in menu) Add WooCommerce > Download & Activate
11. Install WooCommerce pages
12. Now go to Wootique and edit the settings
13. Add products etc…

Privacy protect:

s2 Member password protect:

Go to plugin > add new > search for s2 Member > install

Go through the S2 Member Quick Start guide

Set up a membership page and publish – to register go to:

Also look into how to edit the login page / how to get to the css to edit

Add a login link:

Add a login/logout link to a WordPress navigation menu

Steps to create a login page:
1. Create a page i.e Membership options page
2. Create what you would like the user to see if the user is not logged in i.e.:
Please < a href=”” title=”Login”>Login< /a > to visit shop
3. Go to the page that you want to restrict access and on the right hand side Post Level Restrictions select Require Level #1 or above – this i will display if the person is not logged in.
4. If you are using a Custom Menu to to Dashboard -› s2Member® -› Restriction Options -› Alternative View Protection > select all
5. This will hide the menu items that the user can see so you can add a login link on the home page or add a login tab.

Customise Menu:

Here is a link on how to customise your menu:
Custom Menus

And watch the following video:
<iframe class=”cloudup_iframe_embed” src=”;autoplay=false” width=”688″ height=”502″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” data-uid=”iHdYXuSUvkf” data-aspect-ratio=”1.3705179282868525″></iframe>


Add contact form:

Here is a plugin for a contact form:

Contact Form by BestWebSoft

1. Upload the Contact Form folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
2. Activate the plugin using the ‘Plugins’ menu in your WordPress admin panel.
3. You can adjust the necessary settings using your WordPress admin panel in “BWS Plugins” > “Contact Form”.
4. Create a page or a post and insert the shortcode [ bestwebsoft_contact_form ] into the text.