Prototyping & Wireframing

With the intention of becoming a freelancer, I am looking at things which i have previously missed – in this case wire-framing & prototyping – previously I have sat down with a client sketched out an idea and run with it but I’m certain there are smarter ways of doing this.  Live prototyping makes sense to me a client can then have a really good idea of the look and feel of the website.

So i want a much better understanding of both wire-framing and prototyping so searching through here are a few good blogs and learning resources on the subject:


I purchased this short 3 hour course using a discount voucher so only paid £9 – I think Udemy is a really good learning resource at reasonable prices (they always seem to have offers on).

Here’s a couple of nice article on the subject:

9 Of The Best Ways To Present A Website To A Client

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