Optimising your site with Yoast SEO

Now as we know, all businesses need to optimise their digital marketing by improving their SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. This is because it improves their Google Ranking, which should bring in more organic leads. But this can be a difficult and confusing process which many find too complicated to get involved with. This is where Yoast SEO steps in.

Yoast SEO is a simplistic way to understand and integrate the technical SEO side to your website.

It can provide you with the tools to make sure your website meets the highest standards of SEO and overall readability.

On its technical side, it can provide you with a lot of background SEO features, such as:

  • Canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content
  • A valid Schema.org structured data implementation
  • A noindex or nofollow option for every page
  • OpenGraph tags for every page or article

But if you’d like to read up more on exactly all the features it provides, you can do so here, but do not worry if this completely baffles you, as Yoast holds a ‘configuration wizard’ that provides a step by step guide on how to install the plugins. This means that you will be able to fix and improve your technical SEO with a couple of button clicks, instead of having to understand how the more sophisticated side works, such as robots.txt, sitemaps and htaccess files.

In terms of your Content SEO, Yoast can help you improve your rankings by optimising your posts for keywords and key phrases that you want to rank for. It will provide you with an analysis, giving you scores on different ranking factors, such as key phrase use, length of text and internal link usage. After, it will then provide you with an understanding on how to optimise your post to improve your rank with the key phrase you have chosen.

Yoast SEO’s readability function will provide you with an analysis on how readable your content is and will also provide you with suggestions to then improve your overall post. Its algorithm looks at a range of factors including transition words, use of passive voice, sentence, and paragraph lengths, which provides an incredibly accurate analysis. This is crucial to interaction and reach of your posts because if a user cannot understand what you’re trying to say, the chances of them sharing or interacting with your post will be very limited. This analysis will then allow you to take on the feedback in a way that suits you and your content which will still hold your personal tone of voice.

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