Making Your Website Your Best Marketing Platform

Now more than ever, it is important to provide your business with an Online presence. Whatever your business is, a website will help your business get noticed – and more importantly, gain business.

Many digital marketers strongly believe that a website is the best platform you can use to market your business, but it all comes down to how you utilise it. Here are a few ways how you can make your website the best marketing tool for your business.

About and Team Pages

An About or Team page is often one of the first pages a visitor will go to. Make sure you use quality images, day in the life photography or even videos. Here you can tell your customers your story and your values.

Following this, by showing off your team – you provide your business with a sense of humanity rather than giving you business a ‘robotic’ feel. Team pages allow customers to get to know who works for the business and get a feel for the type of company you run – creating a personality, meaning they’re not taking a stab in the dark when choosing to work with you.

About pages give you an opportunity to show off the culture and values of your business as well as allow you to tell your story which is a great way of getting customers on board. By being open about the values of the business show’s that you have nothing to hide, allowing you to be viewed as a legitimate and truthful business. 

You’re Always Open

Unlike a physical shop, your website is always open, so even if you’re asleep – you can still earn money!  With websites being open 24/7, a website can give your customers a huge amount of information about your company no matter where they are.

Utilising your website allows for round the clock access for your business – for retailers who sell physical items, it’s a fantastic way to open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you use it correctly, your website can do the majority of the work by itself, to be precise, you can automate a lot of your processes using your website – saving you both time and being most convenient to customers. 

With online shopping on the rise – it is key that you optimise a website to meet the customer demand. You’ll reap the benefits from it!

Establish Your Brand

By clearly establishing who you are, what you represent and what you stand for, you increase the chances of your customers buying from you. We see this take place every day, in every aspect from clothing to food – people are more likely to purchase an item made by a recognisable brand. The reasoning behind this being that they are an established company with products that meet consumer needs. And luckily for you, by using a website, you can work towards the same feat.

By establishing your brand online – especially on a website, you have a higher chance of becoming recognised by the general public and therefore appeal to a larger customer base. As a smaller business, it is evident that the majority of potential customers will head to your website to find out more – meaning that a website is a crucial tool to use to grow your business and its brand. 

Similar to ‘about’ pages, establishing your brand using your website can connect ties to what you stand for and create a positive perception of your business. Overall making your business not only more popular, but also more marketable. 

In summary, a website is a fantastic platform to market your business as it provides the potential to market both your business and its products around the clock. Especially for small businesses – a website is a vital way of catching the eye of potential customers but also to build up you’re a reputable brand. In our eyes, as you may have guessed, every business needs a website – Its your biggest marketing tool!

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