A little bit about the past year

So i haven’t written on my blog for quite a while and most of the things I do write are tips and links but this one is a bit different as its more about me.

If you’ve been to my home page you’ve probably seen that I have been a web developer for quite a few years. I have also been doing websites privately for a few years, but it wasn’t until November 2016 that I took the leap and handed in my notice at work after being on maternity leave for the second time to become freelance.

As most people are, I was quite nervous about this, with two young children keeping me busy I wanted to do something in my line of work which enabled me to keep my skills up but also be there for my children.

Luckily for me my partner is a teacher and has lovely long school holidays so when Albie was 5 months old I went to a mums enterprise event:


This was really good for me – it had some really good workshops by people including the talented ladies club and talks from women who had started there businesses when they had young children, it also gave me the confidence to go to other networking events and advice on what to do when you are networking. More than anything it made me realise that there are so many women out there who want to work but also want to care for there children and even though it’s not easy to find the balance there is help and support.

I am not very videogenic (not a word!)so you’ll have to excuse the nervousness but here is what i said when I was interviewed by Lindsey who started Mums Enterprise:

This was in June last year and quite a lot has happened since then, as I am officially back at work but my work is now freelance, I work with another web designer a couple of days a week who is more established than I am and have really learnt a lot from him. I have also met some really lovely people networking and aim to continue with that.