Do your customers know you’re open?

Is it clear on your website?

During these uncertain times, more than ever people are looking at websites to check if a business is still going.

A quick 5 point checklist to show people how your business is running is as follows:

  • How is your website letting people know?
  • Has anything changed?
  • How are you staying safe during these times
  • Have you changed your products/service
  • Do you now offer anything online that you used to offer in person – anything from training to quotations?

If you haven’t been working but are opening soon, celebrate!

It has been really tough for a lot of businesses but with shops starting open and now that we are able to see more people are you now able to offer your service again? If you haven’t quite opened yet but will do soon, have you got a waiting list so that people can be the first in line once you can offer your service again?

Make it personal

People buy from people. I know that I will be supporting local businesses more than ever now and if I feel like I know the person behind the company it will drive me to support them more.
This can be a blog telling people about your troubles and triumphs through this time, or a really well worded About page. Remember images are important so even if you don’t like having your picture taken ( I know I don’t!) but we like to see the people we are going to buy the product or service from and who we’re going to talk to.
A day in the life series of images is a great way to do this!

Build trust!

Building trust on your website is so important.This can be done in quite a few ways including:

  • Add a case study or portfolio page to show off your work
  • Add testimonials to your site
  • List any accreditation’s and awards
  • Blog and vlog
  • Let people know if you have any events or webinars coming up

Help people support your business and come out thriving by letting them know what your doing!