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Prototyping & Wireframing

With the intention of becoming a freelancer, I am looking at things which i have previously missed – in this case wire-framing & prototyping – previously I have sat down with a client sketched out an idea and run with it but I’m certain there are smarter ways of doing this.  Live prototyping makes sense… Read more »

Absolute Lifesaver plugin: Code snippets

This plugin has been a absolute lifesaver for me – it means i can add snippets of code without gong into any of the actual php files – activate and deactivate as I want without worrying I’m going to break anything:

WordPress My Beginning

OK so this is the beginning of my wordpress journey… I am currently a developer with jquery/html/sql/ajax etc etc experience and would like to learn a bit about wordpress so that i can design and develop sites but I have a lot to learn… I am also on maternity leave so when (!) my… Read more »