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Tools of the trade

Every business has a set of tools that they use in order to provide the best services they can. From a screwdriver to analytical software – each tool is key to maintaining a consistent performance for customers.  As you may have guessed, being a web designer, I have no need for power tools! But there… Read more »

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the process of improving your chances of organic leads – leads that have come from searching for a product/service through a search engine, rather than clicking on a link from a 3rd party website. The vast majority of online experiences occur through search engines, and so being able to successfully… Read more »

How can Google help my business?

Have you ever wondered what is behind a website that makes it successful and easy to monitor? There are many ways to make your business easy to analyse and gain a bigger audience.  Google has a range of free collective tools that you can use to analyse and keep on top of your website and… Read more »

How to get the best out of your website (free workbook)

I have put together a workbook to help people get the best out of their website, this workbook takes you through the different things you should be thinking about, whether you have an existing website or are thinking of getting one. A website is one of the most important marketing tools you can have, so… Read more »

What is a landing page and how should it be used?

We’ve all been taken to one when something has caught our eye, but what are they and how should they be used? I will explain what a landing page is, the key features that should be on all landing pages, how to make a SMART landing page, how to analyse a landing page and make… Read more »