Installing more than one wordpress site locally

Pretend that your first site is not there and create a new one just like you did the first one. Just create a new folder under xampp/htdocs and install WP into it. Create a new database for the site and modify the new wp-config.php to point to that database. Heres the how to install… Read more »

Add a forum to your wordpress site

Here is a good plugin and tutorial on how to create a forum To edit go to Settings > Forum   Add to front end page – [bbp-forum-index] and Go to Forum and add new Forums Settings > General – check Anyone can Register For Registration page: [bbp-register]   And a lost password page: [bbp-lost-pass]… Read more »

Theme development continued

Once i have got my xampp up and running and wordpress installed i can continue with the tutorial:   Install the following developer plugins: and Here is a good guide for php newbies: Theme security: Untrusted data comes from many sources (users, third party sites, your own database!, …) and all… Read more »

How to create a wordpress theme

Here are some useful links when you want to create a wordpress theme: Important points: Theme sense (understanding the in and outs: Think about: Which files do I need to include in my theme? What roles do these files play? Why am I about to paste this bit of code into my theme?… Read more »

WordPress scheduler plugins

Here are some wordpress scheduler plugins:

Add google analytics to your wordpress site

This link is a good example of how to add GA to you wordpress site: to summarise: 1. Create a google analytics account and get the tracking code 2. Add the Google Analytics Code to Your WordPress Theme Copy the tracking code. Go to your WordPress Admin and then Appearance > Editor. Open your… Read more »

Javascript Like

<article> <button>like</button> </article> <script> $(“button”).on(“click”, function() { alert(“javascript works”) }); </script>  

RGBA Colours

Similar to hex colours except the last changes the transparency and can be between 0-1 For example: background: rgba(0,0,0,0.8); is a slightly transparent black