Device tester

It is more important than ever that websites are reponsive to both the type of browser and the device which they are viewed in. Here is good site to check your website across various devices: (my new favourite!) Here is an instant checker (although I am slightly weary of this one as the… Read more »

Use a Google font in photoshop

Go to the Google fonts site: Find the font that you would like to use for example indie flower: Click on Quick use which will open the following page: Use the link to get the download: Use the URL to download the font: If the text is a WOFF convert it… Read more »

Add a Category Page to your Woocommerce shop

This is actually pretty straight forward but as I did it and then forgot what I did I thought I better write it down so here goes: Create your categories Add the category to your products Go to Woocommerce>Settings>Products>Display In Shop display page set to Show categories & sub categories That’s it!

WordPress Google Fonts

A really good Google font plugin is: Here’s the Google fonts site: header 1 header 2 header 3 header 4 header 5 Paragagh   Here is another way using font squirrel:

Creating a Windows Service application

To refresh myself on c# .net applications / services forms etc i have gone back to basics. In this post will be links of useful sites for newbies or people who need a bit of a refresher. Creating a Windows Service application: Walkthrough: Create a windows service application

Welcome to my blog!

Hi and welcome to my blog! I hope that some of my posts will be useful to others. If you need any help with your website or need a new one, or have a subject you would like me to blog about please contact me! Thanks for reading!