Maintain Your Website!

Like everything else technological, making sure that your website is kept up to date is hugely important and often overlooked. Once you have a website; either by paying someone or doing it yourself; it is easy to just leave it or go in every now and then and tweak some of the text. As I… Read more »

Prototyping & Wireframing

With the intention of becoming a freelancer, I am looking at things which i have previously missed – in this case wire-framing & prototyping – previously I have sat down with a client sketched out an idea and run with it but I’m certain there are smarter ways of doing this.  Live prototyping makes sense… Read more »

Beautiful themes & Plugins

This is a list of themes & plugins that i really like and have used/want to use: The X Theme by themeco this is a great theme with the added benefit of having free cornerstone which makes creating beautiful layouts really easy: Cornerstone by themeco Here’s a great responsive slider: Slider Revolution Contact Form 7… Read more »

WordPress Hooks – Actions & Filters

Just a quick link to info about hooks–wp-27373 How to write a plugin

Absolute Lifesaver plugin: Code snippets

This plugin has been a absolute lifesaver for me – it means i can add snippets of code without gong into any of the actual php files – activate and deactivate as I want without worrying I’m going to break anything: