Author: goldnuggs

How can Google help my business?

Have you ever wondered what is behind a website that makes it successful and easy to monitor? There are many ways to make your business easy to analyse and gain a bigger audience.  Google has a range of free collective tools that you can use to analyse and keep on top of your website and… Read more »

Do your customers know you’re open?

Is it clear on your website? During these uncertain times, more than ever people are looking at websites to check if a business is still going. A quick 5 point checklist to show people how your business is running is as follows: How is your website letting people know? Has anything changed? How are you… Read more »

How to get the best out of your website (free workbook)

I have put together a workbook to help people get the best out of their website, this workbook takes you through the different things you should be thinking about, whether you have an existing website or are thinking of getting one. A website is one of the most important marketing tools you can have, so… Read more »

What is a landing page and how should it be used?

We’ve all been taken to one when something has caught our eye, but what are they and how should they be used? I will explain what a landing page is, the key features that should be on all landing pages, how to make a SMART landing page, how to analyse a landing page and make… Read more »

Pre-launch Checklist

For all of the websites that I launch I go through a Pre Launch Checklist to make sure that it is READY! By READY I don’t just mean looks nice and is responsive (even though this is of course important and part of the checklist). But it also needs to be able to be FOUND,… Read more »

8 simple way to improve your website

This blog post was adapted into a presentation for London Colney Business Network – as it was adapted it evolved into 12 points. If you would like to see the presentation please click here. You can also download my Website Audit Workbook here. A website is not just something that you create and then leave… Read more »

Maintain Your Website!

Like everything else technological, making sure that your website is kept up to date is hugely important and often overlooked. Once you have a website; either by paying someone or doing it yourself; it is easy to just leave it or go in every now and then and tweak some of the text. As I… Read more »