Add a forum to your wordpress site

Here is a good plugin and tutorial on how to create a forum

To edit go to Settings > Forum


Add to front end page – [bbp-forum-index]

and Go to Forum and add new Forums

Settings > General – check Anyone can Register

For Registration page:



And a lost password page:


The most important widget that you would need is the (bbPress) Login Widget. Drag and drop Login Widget to your sidebar or any other widget area. Enter the URI(s) for the registration and lost password pages and save the widget.

User Roles in bbPress

bbPress comes with five pre-defined roles, each with different capabilities.

1. Keymaster – The website owner or the WordPress administrator is automatically assigned the Keymaster role when they install bbPress. A Keymaster can delete and create forums, can create, edit, delete all posts, topics, forums.

2. Moderators – Users with moderator user role have access to moderation tools, which they can use to moderate forums, topics, and posts.

bbpress moderator tools

3. Participants – This is the default user role, participants can create and edit their own topics and posts, they can favorite and subscribe to topics.

4. Spectators – Spectators have a read only access to public forums, topics and posts.

5. Blocked – When a user is blocked all their capabilities are blocked. They can still read publicly viewable topics and posts, but can not participate in the forums.