Installing more than one wordpress site locally

Pretend that your first site is not there and create a new one just like you did the first one. Just create a new folder under xampp/htdocs and install WP into it. Create a new database for the site and modify the new wp-config.php to point to that database.

Heres the how to install wordpress:


2nd install of local wordpress:
go to http://localhost:8080/phpmyadmin/
create new db – wordpress_db2
go to phpMyAdmin home by either clicking on the logo on the top left or clicking on the home icon and click on dbname click on the Priveledges tab
Add user – local2 password – (generate)
Check all priveledges
Click Go
edit privedelges select new user and database select new db name and check all
create a ew folder in xampp/httcdocs and (i.e. wordpresstest2) and install wordpress