How to create a e-commerce site

Following on from yesterdays post i watched the wordpress video (upto 1:43hr) and started the process of adding a e-commerce site.

So here is a summary of what i have learnt so that it can be done again.

Steps to install a E-commerce theme:

1. Go to Theme > Install theme
2. Create an account at
3. On > view Themes > Find Wootique > add to cart and download
4. Add zip file to desktop
5. Back on WordPress upload themes > get > Install Now > Activate
6. Also download Woodojo –
7. Install plugin > Plugin > Add new > upload > install now > activate
8. Install WordPress SEO by yoast
9. Plugin > add new > Search WordPress SEO by yoast > install now > activate
10. Go to Woodojo (on left in menu) Add WooCommerce > Download & Activate
11. Install WooCommerce pages
12. Now go to Wootique and edit the settings
13. Add products etc…

What next…

Right so now i have a working e-commerce site with a couple of products I need to do the following:
1. Add more products
2. Group products/Variations etc..
3. How do i customise the theme – look and feel… so I need to look at the backend – do some actual development
4. Watch the rest of the video
5. How to password protect a page – i have tried to password protect shop but its still showing..?
page visibility:
Page Visibility

Invite people to view private blog:
Inviting Contributors, Followers, and Viewers

Editing the CSS:

To start editing the CSS so that the website looks like I want it to I used Firebug in firefox to play around with the CSS and to actually change the CSS i have logged into the cpanel and gone to file manager > wp-content/themes/wootique > and opened style.css which is the main CSS file but should not be edited – instead custom.css is where you should put in your own CSS using style.css and firebug as a reference.

Trying to get the password protected page to work:

I am trying to get the password protected page to work (the shop page) but at the moment it doesn t seem to
I have added the following to the index.php page

if (post_password_required() {
// It’s protected and they haven’t entered a password, so ask for one:

} else {
// It’s not protected or they have entered a password