WordPress My Beginning

OK so this is the beginning of my wordpress journey… I am currently a asp.net developer with jquery/html/sql/ajax etc etc experience and would like to learn a bit about wordpress so that i can design and develop sites but I have a lot to learn…

I am also on maternity leave so when (!) my little girl is sleeping i want to use my brain and put this time to good use.

So i thought I might as well use my first wordpress site to log my progress…

First off I’ve ordered WordPress Web design for dummies – hopefully will be pretty straight forward (which is what i need after being off work for 4 months and having a touch of sleep deprivation).

Next I read the following article:


So following these guidelines I’m going to read and learn and hopefully make this site look amazing….

I’m going to start with reading through the learning resource on the Word press university site:


So my task for tomorrow is to watch the following wordpress video tutorial to create a e-commerce site:

maybe also this (but not tomorrow)

and thursday the following which is a video about a responsive site:

I will let you know how I go…